Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Turning the blog page

It's time to literally turn the page from the Creating Musing Gabble blog to The Hoag Life blog. Same stuff, just a new url! Oh, and a second author - my wonderful hubby Matt.

We decided to retire our individual blogs that we barely keep active and start a joint blog that we hope to post to more regularly. When I started CMG in January 2008 I had just met Matt but didn't know that'd I'd be taking his last name, making CMG outdated. I considered changing this to Creating Musing Hoagwash, which is clever but really, I don't want to compare my blogs to hogwash. They may not be award-winning posts, but that doesn't make them hogwash! 

So hop on over and check out the new digs. Become a "follower" to the new blog and see what kind of musing gabble we come up with!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Eating Old Cake

Old cake? Huh?

There's only one good reason to eat year-old cake, that's right folks, it's our one-year anniversary! I can hardly believe it myself, time flew. Is it just me or does time seem to pass faster and faster as we get older, and the happier we are?

A lot has happened for Matt and I during our first year of marriage. Matt flew around the country interviewing for jobs. Matt landed a sweet gig at California State University, Sacramento. We tried to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving and learned that we stink at smoking turkeys. We got our very first Christmas tree together. We flew to San Diego to celebrate New Year's and a wonderful friend's wedding. We learned to use a crock pot. We got our sweet puppy, Bounce--the cutest Wheaten Terrier you've ever seen. We snuck away to Asheville. We celebrated my grandparents 69th wedding anniversary and Pappy's 90th birthday in Pennsylvania. Matt successfully defending his dissertation, making us Dr. and Mrs. Hoag! Tried to sell a house (without luck but it's now rented thankfully). I quit my job. I un-quit my job and agreed to telecommute. We went to the Dominican Republic (the DR to celebrate DR Hoag)! Drove 2,500+ miles, through 10 states to move to California's capitol. Moved into a new rental house in Sacramento that we'd never seen in person until we got there. We left Bounce with Grandma Hoag to gallivant around San Fran (rather, I gallivanted, Matt attending an uber-exciting accounting conference). I got a new job--the only one I had my eyes on! I quit my old job, again. Matt started his new job as Professor Hoag! We hosted our wonderful friends Brian and Jen in our nearly empty house before they took off to live in Brussels for 3 years. I got to stand beside one of my BFFs at her wedding in Seattle. We became kick ball players (we need lots of practice). We attended my 10-year high school reunion. We went to Vegas and saw one of the best concerts we've ever seen--we love you Garth Brooks!

I'm sure I've left many things out, but you get the idea. We were BUSY. And really, our lives became a little insane as soon as Matt defended. Before that we had a crazy puppy but we pretty much stayed low key. Probably because Matt had a huge feat in front of him. And that really was a big part of our year. I'm so proud of him for all the hard work he put in and the diligence it took to finish the PhD program. He had countless late nights, many all-nighters and a few cranky moments (can you blame him?), but he did it. Amazes me! It wasn't easy on either of us, but it got us to where we are today. And today we couldn't be happier!

Sacramento is suiting both of us very well. We both enjoy our new jobs. We're getting used to the weather, with very little complaints. We absolutely love being closer to our family and friends in the PNW. It overjoys us to be able to see the people we love more often. But as lovely as our new life is, it too isn't easy. We haven't found our routine just yet and are still working on making our house a home. It's just been too crazy for any of that practical stuff! We have the month of November reserved for that!

So off we go this weekend to Napa, California to celebrate our first year of marriage. Bounce is joining us for the fun, after all, he is part of our little family. We'll be toasting all of our blessings and I'll be telling Matt over and over again how very blessed I am to have him as my husband. Seriously - how did I get so lucky!?

As yes, we really are going to eat our cake topper! Thanks to Mike and Mary who took it home after the wedding, froze it and let it occupy precious freezer space for an entire year. And then mailed it to us overnight* so we can enjoy it on time. Thank you thank you! We'll let you know how it tastes!
*Matt gets the credit for the mailing, he facilitated the whole thing to surprise me. Too bad for him, I'm curious and don't let surprises get past me! Surprise or not, I'm sooo excited we get to take part in this tradition, as silly as it is.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Motivation needed! (part one)

Matt and I consciously gave up on eating right and working out as of July 1. We left for vacation that day and when we returned it was a whirlwind of packing, driving across country, unpacking and trying to settle in. Did you read between the lines there? That means we ate out a lot, including fast food, considered activities such as unpacking our exercise and called it good. It’s not that we have been entirely lazy since we got to Sacramento. Bounce still gets daily walks, ideally two per day. We bought bikes and have broken them in around town. Heck, we even ran around Greenlake when we went to Seattle for my friend Kristen’s wedding.

But I think it’s time to get serious. We have already started down the path of eating better. Proof? Last night’s dinner was grilled tofu, zucchini and green peppers in flat bread. Not Matt’s favorite meal but he didn’t complain either. He just requested that next time we have flat bread that we also include chicken, bacon and ranch!

Now to focus on the exercise side of things… I keep making excuses. Want to hear a few?
  • It’s too hot outside.
  • My wrist hurts.
  • Bounce wants us to stay home and keep him company.
  • I don’t want to have to shower and do my hair afterwards.
  • My knee/hamstring hurts.
  • If we work out now, when will we eat?

In response you might say:
  • Do a video inside? How about The Shred or Jackie Warner?
  • Since when did jogging involve wrists? Hit the pavement!
  • Bring Bounce along, he loves a good walk or run.
  • Shower and put your hair in a pony…that’s what long hair is for, right?
  • Exercise will actually help your knee/hamstring, just ease into it.
  • Eat later. You can always eat later.

See? I know my excuses aren’t good enough. So help me find the motivation? What gets you moving? Any new exercises or activities that put an extra ooomph in your fitness regimen?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A worthy cause

On October 23, 2010 I will be participating in a Vision Walk in Portland to help The Foundation Fighting Blindness to raise money and support to find a cure. This cause is very important to my family as Mary, Matt & James are all affected by Retinitis Pigmentosa. You can read more about the eye disease here and/or here.

We would love for you to support the cause by joining in the walk and/or donating to the cause. My goal is to raise $250 to help find a cure. Visit my participant page to join our team and/or make a donation. Every little bit helps!

Thanks in advance for your support. I appreciate it!