Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's a beautiful fall day in Knoxville. It's the best time of year here if you ask me. I love fall. I didn't fully appreciated the season until I lived in Spokane and got to see how much the weather and foliage changes. Coming from Western Washington, fall is pretty but really not THAT distinguishable from winter and spring. Once I learned to appreciate the weather, I realized there is so much more to be excited about in the fall. And now that my anniversary is in the fall, it gives me yet another reason to adore it.

I want to hear what your favorite thing about fall is - be sure to vote in the poll to the right. And if you love something I didn't mention, than comment away!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Name that Game

One aspect that Matt I really wanted to convey in our wedding and reception, was a little bit of "us." This sounded easy at first, but was actually a bit challenging. Any time we tried to push the envelope, we nixed the idea because we truly appreciate the traditional aspects of a wedding. So we did what many couples before us have done, we labeled each of our tables with something other than a number. Matt and I opted to label each table with a game. If you know us at all, you know we love us some board games! We entertained the thought of having a game at each table but decided against it. Instead, we showcased ourselves playing a game at each table. In the slideshow below you can see each of our lovely self-portraits for each of our Table Games. Yes, you read that right, self-portraits. Matt and I staged each picture. We did "costume" changes and set up the camera on a tripod so we could use the 10 second self timer to quickly run and get in position. We had so much fun taking all the pictures. We did it over the course of about 3 nights. And as you will plainly see, some pictures turned out much better than others. You can probably tell which ones were at the end of each night when we were a bit tired of posing. Go ahead and guess which ones were last in the comment section below! I promise we won't get offended if you're wrong.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We're BACK!

Whew! The past two weeks were the fastest two weeks ever. I keep dreaming that the wedding hasn't happened yet and have even woke up one day thinking it was the morning of the wedding and we had accidently slept in the same bed together. I loved the wedding, and all the events leading up to it and wish I could do it over and over again. Okay, maybe not, truely I was completely exhausted by the time we got on our honeymoon.

I didn't want to blog about the wedding too much leading up to the wedding so that things would still be a surprise for our guests. But now that it's over, I get to blog about it all I want!

Matt and I were really excited to have kids at the wedding. Afterall, they bring an extra boost of energy and cuteness to a wedding and who doesn't want that!? And our ring and tiger bearers and flower girls were oozing cuteness all night. But this blog is all about the Dancing Machine, aka Corbin aka our Ring Bearer. He was dancing ALL night long. He made quick friends with all the adults dancing and even busted out some sort of break dancing! At one point Corbin ran over to me to tell me that "they" are calling him the Dancing Machine. He was so proud of himself. It was adorable, or as Matt might say, darling. I even got a few slow dances in with Dancing Machine. I'm one lucky Auntie!

Of course I didn't take any pictures of the dancing, but I did steal a few from Facebook. I'm guessing we'll have a few from the photographer when we get those pictures.
You can tell Corbin is having a blast here!Look at him bustin' it and sweating from all that dancing!