Friday, January 8, 2010


Let’s get this clear. I’m not pregnant. Nor do I plan to be pregnant in the near future.

I know that I’ll have people that relate to this, and I think it’s pretty entertaining, so I thought I’d share. Why is it that as soon as you marry, people start asking about kids? I mean, really, some people have kids right away but not everyone! Matt and I fall into the group of newlyweds who would like to focus on us for awhile and get some traveling and crazy adventures in before we bring lil’ Hoags into the world. So why do I bring this up you wonder? Well, it seems that no matter what I tell people about our plans, pregnancy is still at the front of people’s minds! Here’s the most recent story:

I caught a nasty cold on our trip back to Knoxville after the holidays and called in sick into work for the first two days. Upon my return on Wednesday, my boss tells me: “I’m glad you’re feeling better. People were saying you were pregnant but I told them you had no voice when we spoke so it must not be true.” And then today (Friday) I had a doctor’s appointment for my standard yearly check-up. Of course when I walked into the office afterwards I get told by my friend Jennifer, “Now people really think you’re pregnant!” Just a few minute’s later my boss’s boss tells me that people are wondering if I’m pregnant. I tried to clear it up and announced loudly that I discussed contraceptives and plans to NOT get pregnant with my OBGYN during my appointment today. Something tells me that this will not dispel the rumors. I’m officially going on a diet and workout plan to get skinnier so no one can start any rumors about me looking pregnant (not that I think I look pregnant, I don’t). Maybe getting a skinnier waist instead of a growing waist will shut down people’s suspicions!

So I ask you, how should I respond to people’s comments about our pregnancy plans? Or how did you handle this if you had a similar situation? For the record, I’ve been saying we want to wait 4 or 5 years. But I have friends who are telling people that they won’t discuss pregnancy until she turns 30…I kind of like this response but that only buys me 2.4 years until people go back to thinking I’m pregnant when I’m sick and/or go to the doctor. I’m starting to wonder if it even matters what I tell people…perhaps they will just believe whatever they want to believe. Or maybe I should just go ahead and get pregnant! (I kid.)


Megs said...

I vote for getting a shirt made- on the front, "Not Pregnant Yet" and on the back, "Not even trying" and just make a point to wear it every so often then you don't have to say anything. OR make a point to regularly drink alcohol around everyone- be that "drunk girl", then you at least won't be the "is she pregant girl" (j/k). You know the first time you turn down a drink it will be because you are pregnant (just warning you!)

Jen and Brian said...

Oh my gosh Cara, you're pregnant!?!?

Brenna said...

They're going to ask no matter what you do! and it's not just because you're a newlywed. It never stops... before kids, between kids, after kids. ugh. Especially if I'm not drinking when everyone else is. Anyway, I never offer what our plans are. That's just between you and Matt. I just feel like if you change your mind (to have them later or earlier) people will be like, "but you said..." I just say, "nope!" and that's it. good luck!

Anonymous said...

You could show up to work drunk...Well you are in TN, that might be normal there pregnant or not. Better yet, have a baby shower and sell the crap on ebay, at least then you could make some money out of the deal. Or you guys could get pregnant, it does seem like you guys have been married forever :) Erin and Nick