Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Home Sweet Home in Sacramento

Here's a quick video tour* of our rental house in Sacramento. It's in an area called East Sacramento, nestled between Sac State (Matt's work) and downtown. We signed the lease without ever seeing the place but our friends, The Bibbens, went and checked it out for us and confidently recommended the place. From what we have seen so far we are very happy with our choice!

We are slowly unpacking, organizing and decorating our humble abode. I might post some pics or a video once it is all done. Or better yet, come visit us and see it in person!

*Sorry if this video makes you videographer skills need some fine tuning!


Brenna said...

oooh i like it. and I like you guys! glad you made it safely. Thanks for getting that song in my head! I don't share the same affection for that song...
Cute house! Love ya!

Megs said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the virtual tour! So much fun. We can't wait to visit. You'll have to do another tour once the house is all set up.