Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dog Day at the Park

The weather was beautiful and Bounce was full of energy so I grabbed the camera and we made a quick trip to the park. Here's the picture overview:

I love this action shot. He was spazzing around in circles and occasionally stopped to grab some grass to eat (you can see a leave in his mouth that he is saving for later).

And I love this picture even more. He looks like a perfect lil' puppy.


Megs said...

Great pictures!! our furry nephew is getting so big, but I think he is getting even cuter. That last pic is frame worthy.

Cara said...

I love him! We will definitely frame the last photo. I already have the frame picked out!

Cara said...

Wait - I probably didn't have to tell you that I love him, huh? I suppose that is pretty obvious! ha